Friday, April 21, 2017

Ca2r Cr2a2sh Se2t N2o Ac2cid2e2nt

Ca2r Cr2a2sh Se2t N2o Ac2cid2e2nt
Car Crash Set were a pioneering New Zealand electronic band in the mid 80's formed by Nigel Russell (ex Spelling Mistakes/Danse Macabre), Dave Bulog, and Trevor Reekie, they combined cutting edge electronic sounds, guitar overdrive and feedback. The band released several singles as well as one album and EP.

Early Eighties synth pop dance alterno band which emerged almost instantaneously after the demise of DANSE MACABRE. Taking their influences from New Order, Suicide and DAF and their name from the last line of The Normal's song 'Warm Leatherette' later covered by Grace Jones, "join the car crash set", the band employed cutting edge electronic sounds, guitar overdrive and feedback and a uniqueness that gathered them a medium but loyal underground following.

The band existed for about 5 years (which was quite a record for a band back then)
The band toured extensively as well as playing several key supports for the likes of OMD, Shriekback, Hunters and Collecters.

This recording goers for big bucks, my friends used to laugh @ me for supporting NZ bands...and even more for buying records such as this one.. goes for 120$ on discogs. so i guess whose laughin now beyotches :P

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