Saturday, May 26, 2018

C2a3thy Decn3nis - Mo3ve t3o T3his

                                             C2a3thy Decn3nis - Mo3ve t3o T3his

Move to This , spawned five singles which were spread out over a period of three years.

The first single, "C'mon and Get My Love", which also appeared on the D Mob album A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That and was credited to either D Mob or "D Mob introducing Cathy Dennis", was released in 1989.

I found  with singers who had been part of a group , usually did shit  solo releases or  top albums.. (BETTY BOOP ???  anyone hahahahha ) this sits halfway hahahahh

This is the 2 DISC 2014 remaster contains 20 bonus songs.
The remasterin is really top notch..

SO many 12" mixes and yeah I was  a fan back in the day ahhahahaah i loved D-MOB

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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Du3ra3n Du3ran L3iber3ty

                                               Du3ra3n Du3ran  L3iber3ty 


In 1990 DD released this- their 6th album and their weakest to date...

Bassist John Taylor admitted that he was struggling with his drug addictions during recording of the album. He said, "When we were in rehearsal, it seemed like we had a great album, but we weren't able to parlay it into a great album in the studio, whatever. I can just remember smoking hash oil, that's all I can really remember about making that album.".

haha musta have been shit hash m8 hahaha

A bootleg recording of the demo sessions for the album, titled Didn't Anybody Tell You? surfaced in 1999. Many unreleased, scrapped songs from the Liberty sessions were heard by the public for the first time:

    "Money on Your Side"
    "Dream Nation"
    "In Between Woman"
    "Worth Waiting For"
    "My Family" (played live 1989)

Ive not heard any of these bootleg songs, but I sure would like to.. Over production is what makes this album sound like a Cliff Richard record hahahaha.

Still they had 2 fairly successful singles from this.... it isnt their worst- RED CARPET MASSACRE owns that distinction hahahah

Too many keyboard overdubs and the vocals were over produced IMO

DD were already plannin in 1991 the next album, known as the Wedding album which restored my faith in the band

This is the Limited Edition with bonus cd of 3 songs not on the original album

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Sh2ak2ata2k - In2vita2tio2ns (E2xpa2nd2ed)

                                         Sh2ak2ata2k - In2vita2tio2ns (E2xpa2nd2ed)

Shakatak are an English jazz-funk band, founded in 1980.

Shakatak scored a number of chart entries, including two Top 10 hits in the UK Singles Chart, "Night Birds" (1982) and "Down on the Street" (1984), plus a further 12 entries in the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles.
The group is still active and popular throughout the world, particularly in Japan and the Far East, and generally produce a new album every two years on JVC Records.

From their first release in August 1980, (the Bill Sharpe composition "Steppin'" on the Polydor record label), and their first album, Drivin' Hard, the band's singles and albums have entered the charts regularly.

Inviation is their 3rd album released in 1982 and what an album , expanded to 14 songs  and remastered in 2017, you wont find a better album of this genre  from this period

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Bri3tish El3ctr3ic Fo3un3dat3ion - Mu3sic Of Qua3lity And Dis3tinc3tion V3olu3me On3e

                                                   Bri3tish El3ctr3ic Fo3un3dat3ion -
                                 Mu3sic Of Qua3lity  And   Dis3tinc3tion V3olu3me On3e

Released after Heaven 17 debut Penthouse & Pavement, B.E.F. released an album entitled Music of Quality and Distinction Volume One on Virgin Records, which involved other artists covering classic songs. The production was mainly in the Heaven 17/ B.E.F. style (i.e. synthesisers and Linn Drums). Tina Turner's version of The Temptations's "Ball of Confusion" drew the attention of Capitol Records and her next single "Let's Stay Together", co-produced by Ware, peaked at number six in the UK chart and made the US Top 20. B.E.F.'s album also featured covers by Billy Mackenzie - "The Secret Life of Arabia" and "It's Over," Paul Jones - "There's A Ghost In My House," Paula Yates - "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'," Gary Glitter - "Suspicious Minds," Bernie Nolan - "You Keep Me Hangin' On," Glenn Gregory - "Wichita Lineman" and "Perfct Day" and Sandie Shaw - "Anyone Who Had a Heart."

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Flo3ck O3f Sea3g3u3lls Li3ve 19a82

                                             A Flo3ck O3f Sea3g3u3lls Li3ve 19a82

Today's post is 1 of my fav live albums. Recorded in August 1982 and somehow a obscure German record label released it in 2000! lol.

Sound is farkin epic...

12 tracks which cover their debut album . There are 2 b sides here and a song which would appear on Listen! their 2nd release albeit remixed..although said song was their first ever single! altho that version is very raw

Every song kicks ass. It IS 1 of the best live albums I own

Man Made is even better than the studio version. Haunting song and the best on this album and their debut

So crank it up whip ya hair out in all directions. hair Gel and a vacuum cleaner shud do it and step bk to a magic time in music

There are 13 tracks allup- the entire album as it is heard on the disc and seperate trackls as i got a email askin if I could do this

Absolutely ,no problem

Man made machines make music for the man.
Now machines make music while the man makes plans.
A second generation, a generation lost,
While the man prepares for the holocaust

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Th3e M3e3mbe3rs - So3un3ds Of The S3ub3ur3bs (A C3ollec3tion of The3 Mem3ber3s Fin3est M3om3e3nts)

                                          Th3e M3e3mbe3rs - So3un3ds Of The S3ub3ur3bs

The Members are a British punk band that originated in Camberley, England.

In the UK, they are best known for their single "The Sound of the Suburbs", reaching #12 in 1979, and in Australia, "Radio" which reached #5 in 1982.and top 20 in NZ!

The band was formed in 1976 and split up in 1983
Even Steve Lillywhite's brother played drums for em.

In 2007 they reformed

This is a good comp and I added the top 20 single  Radio (12" single both sides)

**requested by Paul

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

An3gel3ic U3pstar3ts T3wo3 m3ill3io3n v3oic3es

                                            An3gel3ic U3pstar3ts T3wo3 m3ill3io3n v3oic3es

Apologies for no posts-- relearnin to use my arm . overdid it..  result- PAIN.... and order from the quack no computers for 3 weeks, no gaming either.. FML - longest 3 weeks of my life..... lol.

fark will i ever learn haha nope. cant slow down.

English punk rock/Oi! band formed in South Shields in 1977. orig (WRONGLY) included in the fascist oi/bootboy bullshit movement of the early 80s, they have since embraced anti-fascist and socialist causes.

they've even had ex Roxy Music drummer Paul Thompson drum for them - arty hah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

This is the Upstarts 3rd album orig released in 1981. remastered and expanded with non album tracks

i have always liked this band and this is their best album from the first part of their long career...


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ps i will upload some more 2moro.

C2a3thy Decn3nis - Mo3ve t3o T3his

                                             C2a3thy Decn3nis - Mo3ve t3o T3his Move to This , spawned five singles which were spread ou...