Sunday, July 21, 2019

R3ezi3l3los - 33ly3in3g Sa3uc3er A3tta3ck

                                 R3ezi3l3los - 33ly3in3g Sa3uc3er A3tta3ck

 got whacked out by that damn flu again as it finally died.... 4th day and im feeling good.


Formed in 1976 in Edinburgh, Scotland, John Peel favourites The Rezillos were viewed as a punk act simply because they emerged at a specific time in the history of rock. But there was so much more to The Rezillos and their music. Branding themselves a “new wave beat group”, The Rezillos’ music lacked the nihilism and social commentary of many of their counterparts, replacing this with an irreverent glam rock image and a love of science fiction, B-movie, comic book and campy girl group iconography that set them apart from their musical peers.

Initially performing mainly ‘50s and ‘60s rock ‘n’ roll covers at their live shows, Rezillos guitarist and future Human League band member – Jo Callis – began penning their own original songs, and soon after came the release of their highly acclaimed debut LP, Can’t Stand The Rezillos, contained here.

This classic album is now available in this collectable 2CD digipack release, together with their famous live recording from the Glasgow Apollo on 23rd December 1978 – released at the time under the name of “Mission Accomplished… But The Beat Goes On”.

Not only does Flying Saucer Attack contain these two great recordings, but the package also includes all the B-sides and rarities from the band’s first stint as The Rezillos between 1977 and 1979.

Includes the hits ‘(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures’, ‘I Can’t Stand My Baby’, ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, ‘Destination Venus’, ‘Top of the Pops’, plus many rarities not included on the band’s initial two albums, such as live versions of ‘Flying Saucer Attack’, ‘Twist and Shout’, and alternative versions of ‘(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures’ and ‘Getting Me Down’.

Every song on these discs have been freshly re-mastered especially for this release.

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Sunday, June 30, 2019

T2he B@52's - C2os2mi2c Th2ing (3a0t3h Anniv3ersa3ry Expa3nd3ed Ed3it3ion)

                T2he B@52's - C2os2mi2c Th2ing (3a0t3h Anniv3ersa3ry Expa3nd3ed Ed3it3ion)

Sorry re no posts
got punched out by the flu-- its been shit tbh but im nearly bk to **NORMAL** bahahah'

The B-52’s album Cosmic Thing was reissued as an expanded two-CD deluxe edition to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

The 1989 long-player was a big success at the time, spawning the transatlantic top five hit ‘Love Shack’ and ‘Roam’ (also top five in the USA).

This two-CD reissue includes remastered audio and bonus tracks include edits, a megamix, 12-inch remixes and unreleased concert recordings from 1990’s Cosmic Tour.

Great album .. The live disc (Disc2) is awesome

I have  made a image of  disc 2 PLUS  the  disc songs split up

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Friday, June 14, 2019

ri2p ri2g p2a2nic G2o2d

                                                 Rip Rig & Panic - God

1 of my all time favs from 1981

Rip Rig + Panic were an English post-punk band founded in 1980 who disbanded in 1983.

The band were named after a jazz album of the same name by Roland Kirk.

They were formed by Sean Oliver (bass), Mark Springer (piano, sax, vocals), Gareth Sager (guitar, sax, keyboards, vocals) and Bruce Smith (drums, percussion)—the latter two formerly of The Pop Group)—with singer Neneh Cherry.

Other members included saxophonist Flash (David Wright), singer Andi Oliver, trumpeter David De Fries, and viola-player Sarah Sarhandi.

The group strayed from more conventional post-punk, mixing avant-garde elements with jazz and led by Cherry's innovative pop/soul singing style. Their second album, I Am Cold, included a number of tracks featuring jazz trumpeter Don Cherry (Neneh Cherry's stepfather)

They also appeared with Nico on a BBC Radio session.

God is the debut studio album of post-punk band Rip Rig + Panic, released on 3 September 1981 by Virgin Records.

In 2013, the album was reissued by Cherry Red Records on CD with an additional 6 tracks taken from singles.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

t2he Da2mn2ed Ph2a2nt2as2mag2o2ria

                                             2he Da2mn2ed Ph2a2nt2as2mag2o2ria

Phantasmagoria is the sixth album by the Damned, released by MCA in July 1985.

Special editions were available on white vinyl or picture disc; some versions included a free 12" of their No. 3 hit "Eloise".

After much wrangling, the Damned received a new contract with MCA Records in October 1984 on the strength of the song "Grimly Fiendish",issued as a single the following March.
They recorded the album in Eel Pie Studios between March and June 1985.

It reached No. 11 in the charts, and was the band's highest charting album ever, until the release of Evil Spirits in 2018, which cracked the top-ten at No. 7.

The non-album single "Eloise," (a Barry Ryan cover), released six months later, became a huge UK hit, reaching No. 3.

The Damned centred the entire album around David Vanian's deep voice, giving much of the album a gothic feeling

2009 2 disc expanded edition

The cover image of Susie Bick (future wife of Nick Cave) was taken by photographer Bob Carlos Clarke at Kensal Green Cemetery, Harrow Road

guest musos were

Paul Shepley – additional keyboards
Andy Richards – additional keyboards
Luís Jardim – percussion
Gary Barnacle – saxophone and brass
Steve Nieve – keyboard inspiration

So not far off a duranie album bahahahhaha

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Ja3ne Chil3d Jan3e Ch3ild 19a89

                                            Ja3ne Chil3d Jan3e Ch3ild 19a89

Jane Richmond Hyslop (born 15 February 1967), known professionally as Jane Child, is a Canadian singer, songwriter and record producer best known for her hit single "Don't Wanna Fall in Love".

She is also known for her unique and unusual fashion style, which included a hairstyle made of spikes and ankle length braids, and a nose chain piercing.

her debut album, Jane Child, released in 1989, was fully written, produced, and performed on the synthesizer (except for the guitar parts) by Child herself, a rarity for a debut artist signed to a major label. Due to her musical style and her emphasis on control over her music, she was at the time labelled by the press as "the female Prince

She is best known for the hit single "Don't Wanna Fall in Love"[4] which peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1990.

 The song was also a big hit on the R&B chart, peaking at #6, a rarity for a white artist.

Her follow-up single, "Welcome to the Real World", was a modest hit, peaking at #49 on the Billboard Hot 100

Jane Child[1] is the debut album by Canadian singer Jane Child, released in 1989 on the Warner Bros. record label. It includes the single "Don't Wanna Fall in Love", which reached number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 22 in the UK Singles Chart.

The album reached number 49 on the US Billboard 200 chart for the chart week of April 28, 1990

great album. overlooked for a deluxe  re release...

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Friday, May 24, 2019

Ko2o D1é T1ah Ko2o D1é T1ah 19a85

                                                Ko2o D1é T1ah Ko2o D1é T1ah 19a85

Koo De Tah (also Koo Dé Tah or Koo Dee Tah were a New Zealand/Australian pop music band of the 1980s.

The core band members were Tina Cross (Kiwi born  and Leon Berger (Australian), who met in Sydney.

In 1984 Cross, who was a successful singer in New Zealand (having four top 50 singles and won the 1979 Pacific Song Contest), moved to Australia and formed the band with Berger.

Berger was born in Russia and studied at the Moscow Conservatory of Music, later moving to Australia in 1973

Berger and Cross had previously met at a song contest in New Zealand.

Koo De Tah scored a hit in 1985 with their debut single, "Too Young for Promises", which reached Number six in the Australian singles charts and Number 48 in New Zealand music charts.

The band's self-titled debut album was released in 1986.

orig a 10 track . i have added b sides and 12 " mixes from the era that aint avail..

Tracks 1-10 are from the Mercury CD. Tracks 11-17 are from the original 12" vinyl.
this  album is quite awesome and needs a deluxe remastering.....

Quite expensive to BUY the CD if youre lucky enough to find it

you will pay between 360-700$ on discogs so yeah  ....

It really is 1 stunning album

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

b2lue zo2o 2 b2y 2

                                                      b2lue zo2o 2 b2y 2 reissue

Sorry BEEN WAITING for this to arrive and then had to drag out the xtras I added hahahah

Reissue of the 1983 album with nine extra tracks.
Tracks 4, 5, 8, 9, 11 to 15 were not on the original LP.
Track 6 "Love Moves In Strange Ways (Original Single Version)" is not the original album version.

the bonus folder contains their 12" singles which werent released on anything but vinyl but make their appearance as a extra by me as theyre ESSENTIAL :P


In early 1980  a band was formed called Modern jazz..

they released 2 singles after signing to magnet records.

a name change was decided on and blue zoo was chosen

 it was their 3rd single Love moves in strange ways that captured the medias attention

more gigs followed inc 1 @ the Marquee with a pre BOY album band called U2

in early 82 Tim Friese Green (TALK TALK) go involved and I'm your man was relseased  the single Cry boy Cry followed..

by 1983 the band had reached an impasse.. they recorded 1 more song the CLASSIC somewhere in the world there's a cowboy smiling but success wasnt to be and they split
altho in 2010, 3 of the original members reformed the band and played sell out dates

This is the 2013 reissue by Cherry pop. I have included the 5 12" singles  that should have been on this reissue but werent....

guess Cherry red wanted to minimize reissue costs? masters werent avail . these 5 singles wouldnt have fitted on the  reissue... ( ever heard of a BONUS DISC LOL)

who knows booklet dont explain why
jus my assumptions


Bonus disc


R3ezi3l3los - 33ly3in3g Sa3uc3er A3tta3ck

                                 R3ezi3l3los - 33ly3in3g Sa3uc3er A3tta3ck  got whacked out by that damn flu again as it finally died.....