Friday, August 17, 2018

L2a Var2iet2e W2ee2ke2n2d

                                                       L2a Var2iet2e W2ee2ke2n2d

Weekend was a band formed by Alison Statton following the split of Young Marble Giants in 1981. The band was actually a merger between two projects.

Statton began writing with Spike of Z Block Records and Reptile Ranch in Cardiff, Wales in the summer of 1981 before moving to London where she teamed up with Simon Emmerson of Methodishca Tune.

The band signed to Rough Trade Records in December 1981, but recorded only one studio album, La 1982

La Variete was released in 1982 on the Rough Trade label and made it to no. 4 in the independent charts staying there for 15 weeks. It was revered by critics on release as a bold new departure from the prevailing post-punk ethos and served as a major influence on Saint Etienne, the Sundays, Belle and Sebastian and many others.

In 2006 the album was remastered  with bonus tracks by Cherry Red. yay

According to Cherry Red, La Variete is: "A beautifully realised and delicate collection of songs set against a jazz backdrop, it switches across myriad musical settings including samba, cabaret, Afrobeat and highly personal, confessional pop."

After splitting up in 1983, members Simon Booth and Larry Stabbins formed the more jazz orientated Working Week.

This is a personal fav of mine since its release. great album to play @ anytime of the day or year...


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Monday, August 13, 2018

Sh2op As2sis2ta2nts Wi2ll A2n2yt2h2ing Ha2pp2en

                                        Sh2op As2sis2ta2nts Wi2ll A2n2yt2h2ing Ha2pp2en

IT ARRIVED and I AM LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my orders from Cherry red arrived woohoooo

Shop Assistants were an indie pop band from Edinburgh, Scotland, formed in 1984, initially as Buba & The Shop Assistants.
After achieving success with independent releases they signed to Chrysalis Records sublabel Blue Guitar, releasing their only album in 1986.
After splitting in 1987, with singer Alex Taylor moving on to The Motorcycle Boy, they reformed for two further singles in 1990

Shop Assistants (aka Will Anything Happen) is the only album released by Shop Assistants. It was released in November 1986 on the Chrysalis Records 'indie' offshoot Blue Guitar. The album was critically acclaimed by Sounds staff that made 'Shop Assistants' in the list of top 50 best albums of 1986

The album was reissued in 1997 by Overground Records, and again on CD by Cherry Red in 2008 with two bonus tracks.
Both of these had originally appeared on the B-side of the single "I Don't Want To Be Friends With You".

The album was described by Allmusic's Jason Ankeny as "an essential artifact of its times"

Will Anything Happen is a superb retrospective combining the group's self-titled 1986 debut LP with tracks from their earlier EPs, and although a little of the Shop Assistants' primitive charms can go a long way, the spirit and sheer exuberance of their music is never less than infectious.

An essential artifact of its times.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

TVa21 - Snaakaes anad Laadadears

                                           TVa21 - Snaakaes anad Laadadears

This is the first-ever retrospective of TV21, an acclaimed Scottish post-punk band at the dawn of the 1980s.

The band recorded a string of singles including the near-hit, Snakes & Ladders as well as appearing on the Old Grey Whistle Test and supporting the Rolling Stones in 1982. Their album, A Thin Red Line, is a must for any fan of Orange Juice, Scars or even The Jam, whom TV21 supported.

new wave, post punk, dark wave--compare them to who you want--The Chameleons, Joy Division, Echo & the Bunnymen--the truth is, they are just a band with a perfectly early 80s sound that will appeal to those who were there on the alternative scene. Their music is guitar oriented with occasional synths (very occasional), and it's driving, melodic, and strong on pop sensibilities so it's totally accessible, meaning you don't have to be in a certain `mood' to get into it

A major gem for new wave collectors is the final track, All Join Hands.(and yep, its 1 of my favs lol)

I wasn't surprised to read in the extensive liner notes that the band was not fond of this recording, because it's produced by Mike Howlett, responsible for some of the best new wave tracks by artists like OMD, A Flock of Seagulls and Berlin.

The band may feel it wasn't who they were with its synths and drum machines, but this mellow new wave track is a lost treasure for fans of the new wave scene of the time

2010 compilation which is now deleted. Thought I'd share it to bring to you some long forgotten top bands that never quite **made it**

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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Jo2hn Pa2ul Yo2u2ng Lo2ve I2s i2n th2e A2ir

                                                    John Paul Young Love Is in the Air

Love Is in the Air" is a 1977 disco song sung by John Paul Young.

 The song was written by George Young and Harry Vanda and it became a worldwide hit in 1978, peaking at No. 3 on the Australian charts and No. 5 in the UK Singles Chart.

In the United States, the song peaked at No. 7 on the pop chart and spent two weeks at No. 1 on the adult contemporary chart, his only US top 40 hit.

The song was released as the lead single from Young's fourth studio album, Love Is in the Air (1978).

A Spanish version has been recorded under the name, "El Amor Está En El Aire"

In 2017, the song was selected for preservation in the National Film and Sound Archive's Sounds of Australia collection

Love Is in the Air" was the theme song to the 1992 debut feature film Strictly Ballroom.
Young performed the song at the Closing Ceremony of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

The song is regularly sung at football matches by supporters of Dundee United.

In 2006, the song was played during the 2006 Winter Olympic opening ceremony's parade of the athletes.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

A F3oc3k O3f Se3ag3ull3s As3cen3sio3n

                                               A F3oc3k O3f Se3ag3ull3s As3cen3sio3n

Ascension is the sixth studio album by the band A Flock of Seagulls, and was released on 6 July 2018.
It is the first album since 1984's The Story of a Young Heart that features all four original members.
It contains twelve songs (eleven from the first three albums and one new song) rerecorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

In 2017, Mike Score was approached by John Bryan of August Day Records regarding the creation of an orchestral album. Intrigued, Mike agreed to the possibility. Upon hearing the offer, the rest of the original band–consisting of Frank Maudsley, Paul Reynolds, and Ali Score–jumped on board as well.
On 3 May 2018, Ascension was officially announced.
Although the album was recorded in separate studios, Mike, Frank, and Paul reunited in Liverpool for a day to record the music video for the orchestral version of "Space Age Love Song". Video involving Ali was added into the finished version, which premiered on YouTube 6 June

I like this alot.. Manmade is just epic

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Gr3ac3e Bla3ck Sa3n3d Sh3o3re

                                            Gr3ac3e Bla3ck Sa3n3d Sh3o3re

Reqauested way back by a site visitor. Apologies I forget your name

I didnt own this @ the time, as my last copy had got stolen nearly 20 yrs ago and  i had forgotten about replacing it

Now i have it again. This album is great

ok first up some info bout this great NZ band.tis quite lengthy but good read

The Ioasa brothers Anthony, Jason and Paul formed Grace in 1993, but they had been playing together since they were young kids in their father’s covers band The Plantations.

These NZ-born Samoan brothers grew up on Auckland's North Shore listening to 1980s bands from the UK and Europe, such as the Blue Nile, Scritti Politti and The Cure. Their sound wasn't what you would expect – they were not a Polynesian R&B group or South Auckland rappers.

In 1995, label DEEPGROOVES released this album. their one and only release.Following the release of their debut album in 1995, the band went on their first national tour, opening for Ruby Turner. They added ex-Chills drummer Earl Robertson to the band’s live line-up, along with unknown at the time future star Bic Runga , on backing vocals

Deepgrooves lined up showcase gigs in Australia to tie in with the release of the album there. A month before these were to happen, local music TV show Music Nation featured an item that said “Grace have now left Deepgrooves and have formed their own record label called Kokobutt and they'll be recording on that label.”

The resulting fallout led Festival, Deepgrooves’ distributor, to pull back from the Australian showcases. Although both label boss Kane Massey and the band subsequently presented a united front, insisting they weren't leaving the label and were working on their second album with Deepgrooves, the band eventually shifted to Polygram Records, where former Deepgrooves partner Mark Tierney (soon to form top Kiwi band Strawpeople) was now working in an A&R capacity.

In late 1996, Grace briefly changed their moniker to Kaizen, which they said “is very simply, Japanese for making something bad, good.” They shifted focus from gentle pop ballads to a more straightforward three-piece rock band and played a number of live shows under this name.

The band also recorded a number of demos for a second album, embracing a sharper rock sound based around Paul’s blossoming guitar skills. They recorded a single for Polygram in 1998 at York St studios, however it remains released as they split later that year, somewhat acrimoniously, with Anthony and Jason suffering a fraternal fall out which was not resolved for some years.

Anthony produced a number of other acts on Deepgrooves – Jules Issa, Jordan Reyne, 3 The Hard Way and Greg Fleming. He was later involved in writing and producing songs for the TV-manufactured pop group TrueBliss in 1999. Jason left music to focus on his career as a merchant banker. Paul later moved to Colorado in the USA, where, whilst working as a ski instructor, he died in a car crash in 2003.

Such a sad ending to this great band

5 singles were released from this album.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

B2ler2ta - Th2e R2tur2n Tr2ip

                                                        B2ler2ta - Th2e R2tur2n Tr2ip

Blerta. The 'Bruno Lawrence Electric Revelation and Travelling Apparition were a band formed in 1970 by Bruno Lawrence

Blerta were a group of musicians, actors and aspiring film-makers and set out in a bus to tour the country.

For five years the ever-changing group toured throughout New Zealand and Australia.
They wrote and played music, created and performed sketches and made films.
They wrote the scripts. They were the cast, set designers and builders.
They created their own explosions and special effects and shot it themselves on pieces of film and tape procured by whatever means.

This is the soundtrack to the film that was put together in 2001

Very awesome music....

Drugs is awesome song. dance all around the World is one of those songs you will never tire of.

In fact this disc is full of gems

They released 2 albums in the 1970s.. now long out of pint youre lookin @ $170 + for a album IF yr lucky enough to find a copy

2001 a film was put together which chronicles the history of the band. 21 tracks make up this disc....

Very psychedelic garage rock

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L2a Var2iet2e W2ee2ke2n2d

                                                       L2a Var2iet2e W2ee2ke2n2d Weekend was a band formed by Alison Statton following t...