Friday, January 19, 2018

Mo2n2soo2n feat2ur2ing Sh2eila Ch2and2ra Thi3rd E3ye

                                           Mo2n2soo2n feat2ur2ing Sh2eila Ch2and2ra Thi3rd E3ye

Another great album i've been bashin for the past month or so. Never get tired of it

Mostly known for their breakthrough hit Ever So Lonely, there is so much more to this album.
This album is epic and thats all you need to know

Sheila ended up joining Peter Gabriel's label REALWORLD and recorded some very awesome albums (16 in all)  however she is now unable to perform due to Burning mouth syndrome so now writes books. Pity, she has a awesome amazing voice..

This album is the remaster which contains extra tracks

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sal3mo3ne3lla D3u3b - Ki3llerv3isi3on

                                                       Sal3mo3ne3lla D3u3b - Ki3llerv3isi3on
agh summer.. summer and music go hand in hand and i have since the late 90s fallen bk to dub and reggae as anything else seems to do my head in and what could b better than some Salmonella Dub

Their 3rd album, released back in 1999.and their 4th overall as the 2nd release Dub for straights was a mini album, that dont count.

okay 3rd album over all, 3 quite successful singles were lifted from it.

How would I describe SD? >>they produce hybrid of skankin roots reggae, low rolling dub bass lines with drum n bass breaks in a distinctly Pacific style

This album marks a change in direction , moving away from the dancehall, and smokey drum and bass of their earlier releases, and have produced a rhythmic harmony driven album. with alot of Drum & Bass touches throughout the album

With the help of sampling wizard David Harrow (of technova fame), who has also worked with Dub Syndicate, and  with input from THE MAD PROFESSOR, these guys have created something special.

Tiki Taane never sounded better and this album set up for what was to come in 2001.
Breakthrough and critical success with Inside The Dubplates album

This is a special Australasia release and contains a bonus CD..

Guaranteed to lift those mid winter blues people. PLAY LOUD

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Th2e Bla2ck Se2ed2s - In2to Th2e Do2j2o

                                              Th2e Bla2ck Se2ed2s - In2to Th2e Do2j2o
The Black Seeds formed 20 years ago in 1998 and are still together- They have released 7 albums.

This ,Into The Dojo is their 3rd album released bk in 2006.

The song One By One was used in Breaking Bad..

Already huge down under- this was the album that introduced TBS to the rest of the world.

Easily their most accessible album. Perfect summer music and might help those feeling is winter ever goin to end? melancholy.

Lead singer Barnaby Weir is also associated with the side-projects Fly My Pretties and Flash Harry.

Former band member Bret McKenzie is also a member of international award-winning comedy duo Flight of the Conchords, as well as playing the role of Figwit the elf in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings.

Great fusion of Dub, Reggae Pop, downtempo .. One of my fav albums to drive too. walk too it IS that good

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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Rh2o2m2bus - Ba2ss Pl2ay2er

                                              Rh2o2m2bus - Ba2ss Pl2ay2er

Rhombus are a dub/drum n bass/reggae/roots band from Wellington, New Zealand.

They were formed in 2001 by Thomas Voyce and Simon Rycroft, later joined by Ahmen Mahal aka Imon Star (who departed from the group in 2007 to pursue his solo project 'Olmecha Supreme') and Koa Williams (Roots Foundation Sound System founding member).

The band has toured extensively in their native New Zealand along with a few international dates, notably in Japan (2002) and in Australia, playing twice at the Sydney Opera House in November 2004.

Over the years they have performed with such acts as St Germain (France), Fat Freddy's Drop (NZ), Salmonella Dub (NZ), Michael Franti (USA), Dry & Heavy (Japan), Trinity Roots (NZ), Gomez (UK) Kora (NZ), Shapeshifter (NZ), Katchafire (NZ) and also performed at the Big Day Out (NZ)

Bass Player is the debut album by New Zealand reggae band, Rhombus.

It was released in 2003. The album peaked at #18 in the New Zealand Top 40 Albums charts.

The song "Clav Dub" reached #16 in the New Zealand Top 40 Singles charts

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Th3e Bes3t re3gg3ae a3lb3um in the w3o3rld ev3er

                                           Th3e Bes3t re3gg3ae a3lb3um in the w3o3rld ev3er

Sorry for no posts. jus had a break , been so busy with summer and heat and water restrictions ..and life and my dogs. so off went the poota n off i went to beach . now with no rain and so humid i'm melting into a puddle in the corner  . loving my kindle. anyhow im bk, stay tuned. ill get off my asss and do more .....

This b a 2 DISC compilation that showcases reggae in NZ, even feat NZ reggae artists!!!.. this is a NZ only compilation and is a best seller.

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Yv3on3ne E3lli3ma3n N3ight Fli3ght

                                              Yv3on3ne E3lli3ma3n  N3ight Fli3ght

She got her big break playing Mary Magdalene in the original London production of "Jesus Christ Superstar".
Later, she became part of Eric Clapton's live band before going solo.
Her biggest hit "If I Can't Have You" was taken from the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack and went to No.1 in the US chart.

If youre thinkin hell it be a disco album , youll be pleasantry surprised,, it isnt hahahaha

Its a very warm album. and has more depth than the monster hit on it :)

She has released 6 original full length albums....  and released countless singles from 1971.. :P so def not a 1 hit wonder as she is portrayed......

Digitally remastered with bonus tracks of this great album from the 70's.1 is the rare DISCO version of "If I cant Have You". which imo is one of the best songs ever released. yeah it is :P

Caroline records have done a superb job in re releasing this forgotten gem (its from a double pack)

as we head towards new years eve (already), time to get ur platforms out children hahahahahahahaha

get ya groove on...

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